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Shepherd's Crossing is a farming simulation game series. The first game, titled Shepherd's Crossing, was developed by Success and published by Success, Graffiti Entertainment, and Valcon Games (IGN). This game was released on August 19, 2008 for the Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable consoles. Its sequel, titled Shepherd's Crossing 2, was released on April 14, 2010, for the Nintendo DS, published and developed by Success. Limited copies of these games were produced, making physical copies difficult to obtain.

Despite its similar theme, Shepherd's Crossing is very different from video game company Natsume's Harvest Moon series in gameplay, visuals, and mechanics. Unlike Harvest Moon's focus on farm expansion, marriage, and making money; Shepherd's Crossing focuses on trading, hunting, and management of your farm.

Characters in SC: 2 DS
Below are the stylized portraits of characters present in Shepherd's Crossing 2 on the DS. When the player progresses in the game and meets/speaks with the villagers, these portraits appear in cutscenes, and text boxes are used over the portrait to deliver dialogue options. Each villager has their own background, family, and opinions (especially strong opinions about the player character!)

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